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Paul Huyghebaert - January 6, 2019

The Right Question

Your Best You

It has been predicted that nearly 70% of Americans will make some form of New Year’s resolution this year. Many of us make these resolutions year after year. Why do we do this? I think the answer is fairly simple. We believe that if we make the right changes, there may be a better version of us out there somewhere. But what does that better version of you or me actually look like? And who decides whether or not the changes we make actually enable us to become better. The truth according to scripture is that when we seek the better version of us, we are actually selling ourselves short. Our creator knows not just that a better version of us might look like, but what the best possible version of us looks like. It is to Him we must take our question. There, and there alone, can we find the answers we are looking for.

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