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Paul Huyghebaert - July 15, 2018

Two Good Things . . .

Restoration Roots

This month we began by asking this question: "What value can we place on understanding where we come from?" Understanding the past is often a key to understanding the present and charting the future as well. For this reason, we will spend our time this month gaining a better understanding of the central ideas that have birth to the Restoration Movement, the catalyst to the second Great Awakening. This week we take a look at the moment when the two great ideals of the Restoration Movement came into conflict with each other.

From series: "Restoration Roots"

In many ways, the Restoration Movement served as the catalyst for the Second Great Awakening, a sweeping spiritual revival that had a great affect on this country. Join us this month as we strive to understand how we, as a church movement, have arrived where we are today.

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