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Paul Huyghebaert - January 21, 2018

To Make What's Broken Beautiful


For the month of January we will ask a very important question: “What are you pouring into, in an effort to make it better than it is now?” There are so many things into which we could pour our resources—our time, our energy, our finances. With this truth in mind, we continue to turn to Jesus’s example in an effort to discover what mattered most to Him, and because we are His disciples, should matter most to us as well. This week we will invite Jesus to teach us how to give of ourselves in an effort to right what’s wrong, make the broken beautiful again, and bring light into a dark world!

scripture references: Mark 3:1-6

From series: "invest."

As we begin the new year, many people ask the question, “What can I do to become a better version of myself this year?” We will take a look at the way Jesus invested in himself and why this matters to us as well.

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