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Paul Huyghebaert - March 10, 2019

I Am a Disciple

Mission: Possible

Each year during the month of March we take time to focus on the mission Jesus has called us into. Living out the mission of Jesus is always important; in fact, the main reason the church exists is to continue to call people into relationship with the God who loved them enough to send the Savior! But, to focus only on the fact that Jesus came to save us is to miss the truth that He also came to transform us. This, as well, is a part of His mission and therefore ours, also.

From Series: "Mission: Possible"

Every March at Grace Chapel we celebrate Missions Month. As a part of this month we take up the challenge to support the work in both India and Mexico. Each of the last three years, because of your generosity, we have been able to raise more than $100,000 to continue to support Kingdom advancement as the gospel goes to all nations. This year's special offering will take place on March 24th.

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