our mission

We exist to pass faith in God to the next generation so they will grow a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ.

our strategy

Connecting church leaders and families to fuel faith in the next generation. We live out our mission and strategy by offering the following environments for children:

sunday a.m.



Nursery ages (newborn – 2 years) | Kids will be cared for by GC Kids volunteers while their families are in Worship Assembly.


Preschool ages (3 – 4 years) |  Kids will have meaningful interactions during graceland that influence their faith in Jesus and deepen their relationships with others. Children will learn the Bible story and Bottom Line in an engaging way that prepares them to discuss in Small Groups.


Elementary ages (Kindergarten – 5th grade] | Kids will have meaningful interactions during Oasis that influence their faith in Jesus and deepen their relationships with others. Children will learn the Life App, Bible story and Bottom Line in an engaging way that prepares them to discuss in Small Groups.

    small groups

Kids have meaningful interactions during Small Groups that influence their faith in Jesus and deepen their relationships with others.

nursery & preschool

Our First Look curriculum for nursery and preschool phase children is designed to teach one key truth every month. Lessons and activities are designed to engage all 5 senses. The goal of First Look is for children to know before the age of 5 that: “God made me, God loves me, Jesus wants to be my friend forever!”



Our 252 Basics curriculum, modeled after Luke 2:52, is built around 3 basic truths that every child should embrace: “I need to make the right choice. I can trust God no matter what. I should treat others the way I want to be treated.” Children learn a new Life App and verse each month, which is reinforced by the stories and activities done throughout the month.


wednesday p.m.


Nursery ages (newborn – 2 years) |  Kids will be cared for by GC Kids volunteers while their families attend Bible studies.

    preschool & elementary

GC Kids volunteers will reinforce the Life App and Bottom Line from Sunday morning small groups in fun and interesting ways.

bright lights

a ministry for exceptional children with special needs

    sunday a.m.

Programming and supports for children with special needs is available through our Bright Lights ministry. For more information about our Buddy Program or our Specialized Instruction Small Group please contact us.

    special needs vbs

A vacation Bible school for children with special needs, in conjunction with our VBS for typical peers.
June 4-8, 2018
For more information please contact us.
*Each children’s environment is staffed by GC Kids approved volunteers.
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In the lives of young people, families have the greatest influence (by far!) on their formation and growth—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. What an honor to play such a significant role in the life of a young person, and also what a huge responsibility that is for families! Fortunately, families are not the only influence in the lives of their children. At Grace Chapel, we want for your sons and daughters what you want for them – to grow in wisdom, in stature, in favor with God and other people. That’s why we are driven by one passion – connecting church leaders & families to fuel faith in the next generation.
To learn more about the environments we create and the opportunities we provide to help families raise fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, please visit the GC Youth website.
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for women

Our women’s ministry seeks to connect women of all ages by providing a weekly Bible study in our community. This environment includes a large group lesson led by a team member or guest speaker followed by smaller group discussions about the lesson. We explore topics such as prayer, the Holy Spirit, discipleship, grace, and more all while encouraging closer relationships with each other through group prayers and outside activities.
For more information about participating in our women’s Bible study in the spring or fall, please visit our Connection Desk in the foyer of our building.

for men

Our men’s ministry is devoted to helping men in our community follow Christ by allowing Him to shape them into the leaders, husbands, and fathers they were made to be no matter the cost. We encourage every man to serve their families, one another, and our communities with courage, humility, and unity. We do this by providing a small group environment for men called a “Band of Brothers,” retreats focused on spiritual renewal, and a mentorship program that helps men grow into the likeness of Jesus.
Click here for more information about our men’s environments or please visit the Connection Desk in the foyer of our building.

for marriages

Solid marriages are foundational to the health and strength of our churches and our communities. Grace Chapel’s Marriage Ministry provides married couples with opportunities to build strong, Christian marriages and relationships. The ministry is designed for all ages and all stages of married life, offering challenges for healthy marriages and resources to help the hurting.
For more information, or to find out how you can get involved, please visit our Connection Desk in the foyer of our building.



india missions

Since 2006, members of Grace Chapel have led mission-minded teams of people to India.  God continues to bless these efforts and we are excited about the next steps God is collectively encouraging our membership at Grace Chapel to take. If you would like to learn more about our mission efforts in India please visit IndiaMissionsForChrist.org.

mexico missions

Grace Chapel’s work in Mexico began in the early 2000s in Cozumel with the City of Angels Children’s Home (Ciudad de Angeles). Since then our efforts have expanded to support works throughout the entire Yucatan peninsula through the work of Kairos ministries, led by Victorino Calderon. 

local jail ministry

Beginning in 2001, Grace Chapel’s jail ministry has reached thousands of inmates through teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many have responded and been baptized into Christ.
During the worship period, led by two to three Grace Chapel volunteer ministers, activities include personal testimonies, hymn singing, praying and short lessons from the Bible presented by each of the ministers present. Bibles, devotionals, cards of encouragement, and Bible correspondence courses are made available to the prisoners in attendance along with encouragement and personal mentoring.

next generation focus

Next Generation Focus (NGF) is a not-for-profit organization formed to reach out to youth in economically challenged families in our community to provide resources to expand academic and enrichment opportunities.  Because every child deserves a chance!
Each weekend volunteers from Grace Chapel provide a brief Bible lesson and activity for the children attending NGF’s SmarterMe® Saturdays program. We also assist with providing backpacks and school supplies to children who are in need, as well as sponsoring several children in NGF’s Birthday Club, which provides a Bible or devotional book and a special birthday meal for each child on their birthday.
For more information about NGF, please visit nextgenerationfocus.org.
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