message: “Do Me a Favor?” from Paul Huyghebaert

Paul Huyghebaert - December 2, 2018

Do Me a Favor?


As we move into the month of December, as we so often do, we turn our attention to thinking about the moment in which God changed history, becoming one of us in the birth of His Son, Jesus. For the duration of this series we will focus on one primary idea, an idea that is central to Luke’s birth account: the favor of God. As Luke begins his gospel, this is an idea he wants his readers to understand above all. Whether it is in the angel’s greeting to Mary, or Elizabeth’s reaction when she meets Mary who now carries the baby Jesus in her womb, or the bold angelic declaration to the shepherds, the message is the same. In the coming of Jesus, we have all the proof we need that God’s favor is upon us!

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